Stable releases 

Binary tarballs for all stable releases are provided below. Other installation options are available for the latest stable release on the Install page.

Version Release date Binary tarball links
v0.1.3 17 March 2020 Linux / macOS
v0.1.2 04 March 2020 Linux / macOS
v0.1.1 22 February 2020 Linux / macOS
v0.1.0 13 February 2020 Linux / macOS

Binary tarballs require a recent version of their stated platform:

Unstable builds 

Binary tarballs are built for every merge to the master branch on GitHub. These tarballs are not suitable for use in production. Run unstable builds at your own risk.

Version Binary tarball links
master Linux / macOS

The tarballs for other commits on master can be constructed by replacing latest in the links above with the full 40-character commit hash.