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TAIL continually reports updates that occur to a source or view. For materialized sources or views this data only represents updates that occur after running the TAIL command. For non-materialized sources or views, all updates are presented.

Tail will continue to run until cancelled, or until all updates the tailed item could undergo have been presented. The latter case may happen with static views (e.g. SELECT true), files without the tail = true modifier, or other settings in which a collection can cease to experience updates.

In order for a tail to be possible, all involved sources must be valid to read from at the chosen timestamp. A tail at a given timestamp might not be possible if data it would report has already been compacted by Materialize.


TAIL object_name WITH SNAPSHOT WITHOUT SNAPSHOT AS OF timestamp_expression
Field Use
object_name The item you want to tail
timestamp_expression The logical time to tail from onwards (either a number of milliseconds since the Unix epoch, or a TIMESTAMP or TIMESTAMPTZ).



TAIL's output is:

[tab-separated column values] Diff: [diff value] at [logical timestamp]
Field Represents
tab-separated column values The row’s columns’ values separated by tab characters.
diff value Whether the record is an insert (1), delete (-1), or update (delete for old value, followed by insert of new value).
logical timestamp Materialize’s internal logical timestamp.


AS OF is the specific point in time to start reporting all events for a given TAIL. If you don’t use AS OF, Materialize will pick a timestamp itself.


By default, each TAIL is created with a SNAPSHOT which contains the results of the query at its AS OF timestamp. Any further updates to these results are produced at the time when they occur. To only see results after the AS OF timestamp, specify WITHOUT SNAPSHOT.


Tailing to your terminal

In this example, we’ll assume some_materialized_view has one text column.

TAIL some_materialized_view
insert_key   Diff: 1 at 1580000000000
will_delete  Diff: 1 at 1580000000001
will_delete  Diff: -1 at 1580000000003
will_update_old  Diff: 1 at 1580000000005
will_update_old  Diff: -1 at 1580000000007
will_update_new  Diff: 1 at 1580000000007

This represents:

If we wanted to see the updates that had occurred in the last 30 seconds, we could run:

TAIL some_materialized_view AS OF now() - '30s'::INTERVAL

Tailing through a driver

In terms of the pgwire protocol, TAIL is handled as a non-standard COPY TO statement. As long as your driver lets you send your own COPY statement to the running Materialize node, you can TAIL updates from Materialize anywhere you’d like.

#!/usr/bin/env python3

import sys
import psycopg2

def main():

    dsn = 'postgresql://localhost:6875/materialize?sslmode=disable'
    conn = psycopg2.connect(dsn)

    with conn.cursor() as cursor:
        cursor.copy_expert("TAIL some_materialized_view", sys.stdout)

if __name__ == '__main__':

This will then stream the same output we saw above to stdout, though you could obviously do whatever you like with the output from this point.