Materialize Docs

Materialize is a streaming SQL materialized view engine.

What does Materialize do? 

Materialize lets you ask questions about your data, and then get the answers in real time.

Why not just use your database’s built-in functionality to perform these same computations? Because your database acts as if it’s never been asked that question before, which means it can take a long time to come up with an answer, each and every time you pose the query.

Materialize instead keeps the results of the queries and incrementally updates them as new data comes in. So, rather than recalculating the answer each time it’s asked, Materialize continually updates the answer and gives you the answer’s current state from memory.

Why should I use Materialize? 

If you perform any OLAP queries over relational data and want to reduce the time it takes to refresh answers to common queries, Materialize can make that happen.

For a sense of scale, it can take queries that most teams would run once-per-day and instead provide real-time answers.

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