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Materialize is the first true SQL streaming database

Incrementally updated materialized views - in ANSI Standard SQL and in real-time

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Developing streaming data applications can be as simple as writing SQL.

Materialize easily processes complex analytics over streaming datasets – accelerating development of internal tools, interactive dashboards, and customer-facing experiences. We deliver incrementally-updated materialized views in ANSI Standard SQL.

Materialize is the only technology that can enable engineers to completely develop for streaming data in a powerful declarative language – PostgreSQL – instead of building microservices.

Materialize empowers anyone within a company to discover insights from real-time data, identify problems immediately, and take action in critical moments.

Ingest streaming data

Materialize connects directly to event stream processors (like Kafka) - without any preprocessing of streams required.

Query in full SQL - including complex joins

No "inspired by SQL" half-broken query languages. Materialize supports PostgreSQL and incrementally updates computations within milliseconds.

Build live applications

Use the Postgres CLI or your favorite database adapter to build interactive dashboards, internal tools, and real-time applications.

Query Streaming Data in True SQL – including Complex Joins

Materialize is the first and only streaming system capable of running the TPC-H decision support benchmark – a set of criteria originally developed for the world of batch data warehouses.

This standard includes support for complex joins – including complicated multiple-way joins across disparate data sources –  previously unavailable in the world of streaming.

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End the Microservice Morass

A common approach towards building streaming applications is to develop a series of custom microservices – which are often time-intensive, complicated, and ultimately brittle.

With Materialize, data engineering teams can move away from the endless development of microservices – and replace thousands of lines of Java with a few lines of SQL.

Powered by Timely Dataflow

Materialize offers all of the benefits of Timely Dataflow and Differential Dataflow, accessible via the familiar and accessible PostgreSQL. Both systems have been in open-source development for over 4 years and run in production deployments at global scale.

Timely Dataflow is a low-latency cyclical dataflow computational model that excels at delivering high performance, expressive computation, and consistent results.

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